Scope of Practice & Limitations

Scope/Standards of Practice

  • Provide non-medical, non-judgmental support and guidance to individuals and families through times of critical, transformative life change.
  • Nurture, inform, support, guide, empower and comfort.
  • Work with other caregivers and members of the healthcare team.
  • Assist clients in the gathering of information and encouraging them to make informed choices that are right for them.
  • Attend and take notes at medical/physician appointments so that the client can refer back to them later.
  • Make referrals to appropriate professionals and community resources.
  • Support is adapted to the unique needs and requirements of each family served.

Limitations to Practice

  • Does not perform medical or clinical tasks (e.g., monitor vital signs, administer medication).
  • Does not give medical advice or persuade clients to follow a specific course of action or treatment.
  • Does not impose personal values and beliefs on the client.
  • Does not facilitate assisted suicide.
  • Does not perform domestic duties such as cleaning or cooking.
  • Does not replace the role of other professionals and caregivers such as hospice staff, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, etc.
  • Does not wash or dress the deceased unless assisted by a Funeral Director.
  • Does not replace the role of a Funeral Director.