Morbid Curiosity - Community Death Talks

What questions are you dying to ask?

Do you have questions about death that you don’t know who to ask?  Or questions that you think people will find you disturbed for even thinking?  Such as, does everyone pee their pants when they die?  Does everyone get an autopsy?  How do I donate my body for scientific research?  Well, this is your chance to ask all your morbid questions without being judged!   Holly is an expert in all things morbid.  She also has spent many years in funeral homes and assisting families cope with their grief.  Pick her brain!  If she doesn’t know the answer, she definitely will know someone who does. Special guests will include Funeral Directors, Embalmers, Pathologists, grave yard staff and others who work in the morbid world of death.  These sessions will take place in different coffee shops and local cafes.

“Not only do we grieve as individuals; we grieve as communities. Our lives are so intertwined that each of us is affected by a death in our community.”  John Morgan